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Scent design. Grab your client by the nose.

Idea to market

Do you have a brilliant concept and can use the support to make it come true? Do you prefer to manufacture your own scents? Or would outsourcing or bigger scale manufacturing, packaging and distribution fit you better? We can make it happen. It’s about putting scientific and practical insights of the ins and outs of the fragrance industry to your best use. By designing unique scents that will set your product apart from the competition.

Sweet smell of succes

In the myriad of fast paced changes of fragrance restrictions and cosmetic regulation one can feel lost. What if we can lighten the burden and make place for your vision within those legal constraints? Creativity meets commercial potential. Imagine being the proud owner of a legal and safe product that you can share with the world.

Scent fixing

Find the right fragrance for the right product. We provide specialist aid on sustainable and cost effective choices of fragrance ingredients. Need information on fragrance allergens or advice on chemical safety? We are happy to assist. Together, we’ll make your product stand out like a white rose in a field of red roses.
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Scent Branding. Make a lasting impression.
Scent branding or marketing is about enhancing your customer’s experience by using the power of scent. It’s about connecting to your clients in ways beyond what they can see or hear. A scent that fits your brand has a positive influence on how your customers feel and how much they spend. It adds to your customer’s loyalty and satisfaction with your services and products.
Our language is filled with scented references. When a deal sounds too good to be true, we feel cautious and say that something ‘smells fishy’. If we need a reality check, we have to ‘wake up and smell the coffee’. How crazy would it be if that coffee smelled of roses?
Scent branding is about relating to the customers by trying to find out what drives their subconscious choices. Smelling is a sense that always slumbers at the edges of our perception. This means that we especially pay attention to a scent that is out of place and doesn’t fit our expectations.
Scent marketing can play both mechanisms. You can use a scent that blends into the background, in a comforting way. Because it is in total sync with the rest of the experience, customers will feel right at home with your brand. Or you can grab your client by the nose with an unexpected, but invigorating, scent. In this case, scent makes your brand memorable.
Customers love multisensory experiences. This approach needs a certain light and customized touch. Only then the whole experience will be a success, instead of a failed overwhelming cacophony. It’s all in the details. So please join us in a brainy session on how we can enrich your brand and customers with scent.
Olfactory Research
‘If you are ambitious to find a new science, measure a smell’ - Alexander Graham Bell, 1914
The science of smell is innovative, fascinating and evolving. Linda B. Buck and Richard Axel won the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 2004. It crowned their scientific breakthroughs on how the sense of smell (or olfaction) works. Their research brings us closer to understanding how a mother can pick out the smell of her infant out a group of baby’s. The science of smell explains why some of us love Brussel sprouts, while others hate them. Or why someone’s perfume matches their own natural body odor.

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Nobel Prize winning research by Buck & Axel.
We focus on applied empirical research on how everyday odors affect everyday people. And most importantly how it affects your customers. Most scent interventions are anecdotes. You probably heard the advice of a realtor saying that the smell of a warm apple pie will attract more buyers? Our approach is evidence based, thus founded on facts. We take great pride in getting our facts straight and passing the smell test. So do you want to know the truth on which scent will bring in more paying customers? Or if they truly are more satisfied with your service if your place of business smells nice?
If you are an entrepreneur of fragranced products, we can help out by designing fitting sensory customer research. This means assembling representative customer test panels. Thus gathering reliable statistical data on how your clients experience your (new) products. Or what they think that should be improved. Every research project is customized to your specific goals and will even answer the questions that you didn’t know you had. At the end of each project we provide you with reports in plain language. The results can also lead to positive (social) media buzz, we are happy to help you reap the benefits of science!

Science communication & training

Need inspiration or insight in the science of smell? We also offer our experience as lecturers to provide presentations, training and workshops. Interested in keeping updated on the science of smell? Please take a look at our shared social media platform on everything scents: Something Smelly

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Platform for everything smelly.
Aroma Wellbeing
Studies show that certain odors, if administered in a specific way, can mediate feelings of wellbeing and influence behaviour. Aroma wellbeing is different from aromatherapy. The proof is in the pudding: we rely on scientific evidence rather than mere beliefs. By gathering hard data, we test if specific aromas, diffused in the target space the right way and at the right time, can lead to the desired outcome. We can help you help better. Our extensive experience with research on aroma wellbeing can aid you in making a real difference. You will be able to assist people in subtle ways, that can increase efficiency and control costs.
Did you know that using the right scent at the right time, can improve cognitive performance and memory? With science on our side, we can teach you how to lighten the burden of care professionals. Scent can assist seniors to feel safe and comfortable in a new home. Elevating the spirits of your employees and decreasing sick absence in an office environment is just a well-calibrated puff away.
Scents can make you more happy!

Happy scents for happy people

Aroma wellbeing also means giving back to the community. We love and cherish our local projects. We take pride in teaching the less fortunate how to make their own perfume and scented soaps. It brightens their days and makes us happy to share the power of scent. We hope you’ll join us in making people happy with happy scents!
About Irina
Irina Tudor For the last 20 years I have enjoyed and learned about the fascinating world of science. Especially behavioural and life sciences always fascinated me. As a child of political refugees, science provided me with the comfort of facts. Getting a Master of Science degree provided me with the unique opportunity to understand and help other people. I felt lucky to return the random acts of kindness by working together with minorities and the less fortunate. My career path took further shape when following the simple ‘people helping people’ motto. In early adulthood certain aromas transported me ‘back home’ crossing geographic and cultural borders. Chemosensory perception awoke my interest. Besides my roles as a researcher, a health professional and a teacher, the entrepreneur and artist in me were born.
In 2008 the opportunity arose to pursue this interest by starting my own business within the beauty industry. This allowed me to combine my passion for applied life sciences with innovation and creativity. What began with self study grew into internships and classical training. Experienced and talented perfumers and cosmetic chemists guided me. They helped me focus and improve my skills and business. I hope my passion for scent will lead to new adventures and exciting collaborations. Especially when connecting people’s wellbeing and olfactory art with the fundamental science of smell. Let us get in touch and make the world a better scented place!

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